Sunday, February 05, 2017


Last year on January 1st, our health insurance changed from one of going to the pharmacy to ordering on-line, a rather comfortable arrangement. Prior to last year, I would have the doctor send in the prescriptions and the pharmacy would of course screw it up. It is the job of this particular pharmacy to screw up.

The owner and head pharmacist, Mr. A. Paul Ling would come out to speak with me about the missing medication, make faces and annoy me to no end. At one point during his illustrious career as a screw-up, I was ready to climb the counter and force feed him all my medications, sans the one that was missing. Mr. Ling’s excuses ran from: “We never got it” to “We are out of it!”

Then the new company took over, and with great trepidation, I feared the worst, screwed up orders, missing meds and even being late or sending them to the wrong address! Never happened, they were always on time and complete.

So, the god’s that be decided to go back to the old way since I was indeed happy. This meant after a full year of no Mr. A. Paul Ling, on time meds, we were going to be reunited once again! Lucky me!

So, I go to the doctor, and he now rerouted my meds back to the pharmacy and the merry Mr. Ling! Off I go to visit my old friend. He now has employed a sweet lady who is part-time, can’t figure out the computer to line-item all the meds, calls over another person to help out and I am waiting for a half hour! Finally, we are all squared away! Or are we?

I go home and discover that I am missing one of the meds, let’s call it: Stunadacide, a medication for typical customers who use this pharmacy. I call and ask where my Stunadacide is. “Oh! I’m sorry, the doctor mustn’t have ordered it! We’ll call him and ask for it.”

This is at 9:58 AM, at 4:20 PM I call again. “Where’s my Stunadacide?”
“We called Dr. Strangeglove (my primary prostate chaser) and we are waiting to hear back.”
“Dr. Strangeglove retired, I now have Dr. Stranger Glove now, who has taken his place.!”

And so amigos, off we go into another year of good times with Mr. A. Paul Ling!


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