Wednesday, February 08, 2017


As you might know by now, for the past few years I like to take The Little Woman, a.k.a. TLW to breakfast. Getting out the beginning of the week is a wonderful way to start it. It is here where we discuss the events of the past and the expectations of the future.
This Sunday we went to IHOP because I had a yen for pancakes. This is not a Chinese pancake house: the yen was an urge. But the pancakes needed to be with bananas, nothing else, except maybe nuts, I love nuts.

Of course, the waitress gave us an extensive menu that covered everything there is you can eat for breakfast, except pancakes with bananas on top. Oh, they did have pancakes with bananas on top, but it also included strawberries with it. I don't like strawberries. (Get over it, I know you like them but I don't) Strawberries are too sour for me for breakfast. I don't even like strawberry shortcake, it is a bad blend of sweet and sour.

TLW decided since I was making a big deal over my breakfast, that she would have the over 55 breakfast. Yes, you have to be over 55-years of age to qualify for this breakfast, so she the ‘sampler' eggs, Canadian ham, sausage, and pancake. Seeing her order this, I decided to order the slightly older than 55 breakfast, three pancakes.

AS the young lady left us with our order, TLW stated: "Did you notice?"

"Notice what?"

"She didn't ask for proof!"


"Proof that we were over 55! What would you prefer, that she ask us for proof or assume we are over 55?"

"Well, I guess I would rather ‘assume' because I'm too old to want to bother about reaching for my wallet and giving her my driver's license."

Once we got our orders, she looks over across the room and chuckles.

"What's so funny?"

"There's a gray-haired man that just sent his order back because he didn't like the way it was served. I thought you were the only one who does that! I guess all gray-haired men do that, you are not alone. The staff must see gray-haired men arrive and warn the kitchen."

Ha Ha, one of these days Alice…


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