Sunday, October 28, 2018


Nothing like a long time away from home and then returning. As you enter your home, your favorite room, and chair, everything seems so welcoming. The house lay untouched except for the compilation of dust and greets you welcomingly with a welcome quiet.

My poor daughter who broke her hip and had a hip replacement over 8 weeks ago is returning home from rehab. She is incapable of speaking and doesn’t realize the seriousness of her injury or the time and practice it will take for her to fully recover. She is angry, depressed and homesick, angry at everyone in the rehab as they tried their best to rehabilitate the hip ball.

Tomorrow I will go to a meeting as her guardian and arrange for her release from the rehab along with the help of her agency and insurance company. It will be great to see her when she arrives home, and I will be there for that also.

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