Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Back in 1991, I was introduced to computers, mainly because my job was quickly becoming dependent upon computers and if I wanted to be on the cutting edge, I needed to go to computers also.

I was hearing about other companies that had transitioned to companies and how easy the process was, so I went to my boss and said my piece. Rather than throw me out on my sis he suggested I look into it closely. There was an Apple Mac convention at the Javits Center in NYC and I attended. It was an amazing revelation, that quickly took hold of my imagination and I pursued the acquisition of computers for the art department.

Amazing things occurred, for one we produced 12 times the amount of work causing us to make far more money than we ever did, for a company that was doing well anyway.

As I look back, I wish I hadn’t been so fascinated and had pursued instead, the course of my natural talents of painting and drawing, sculpturing and woodcarving I loved so much. The power of the Internet probably more than anything else swayed me to think that computers were the wave of the future.

Recently I watched the movie ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy’ starring Carlton Heston and Rex Harrison. I found the power of creativity be the thing I missed most. There are many programs on the computer that are called drawing or painting programs. They may be good but they cannot compare to holding chalk in your hands, the power of mixing paints to apply ever so subtlety as to be hardly noticed. You cannot vary the pressures of a pencil on paper to achieve certain effects, on a computer.

I have one more project that is about to be completed, then, I think I will trash all my graphics programs and keep only my writing programs, and return once again to nature and the natural ways of drawing.

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