Wednesday, October 31, 2018


The pulse of American people has always been one of benevolence and understanding. We, as a nation have always given of ourselves freely, be it our treasury or our sons and daughters. We don’t flinch in the eyes of tyranny or terrorism.

Over the years of American history, America has always met her challenges and met her obligations. We are leaders still in the Free World and people and nations look toward us for comfort, protection, and reassurance.

Recently, a minority of 2% of the American population was attacked in a Pittsburg Temple of God, God’s house of prayer and all the innocent eleven people who died were innocent of any wrongdoing. Their hearts and souls were committed to God, your God, and mine. Who among us on this Earth can determine who should be allowed to live and who should not? The encouragement of division, the ugliness of hate and ignorance about people is why there are problems in this world. The reasons for our own personal failures must be visited on others or how could we live with our selves and within our souls. Blacks, Hispanics, and Jewish people are the targets, just as they were in the past.

But we need to change all that, we need to understand that people are people no matter what they look like, who they do or do not pray to. We need to know that we all love and live, that we all die, that we all need each other I this world of change and challenge. As a species, we need to shed our ugly past and start accepting those different than us as equals.

If you pull your head out of the sand and look around, you will see blacks, Hispanics and women who have great ideas, are doctors, lawyers, and leaders. They are leaders because of their minds and passions because they believe in themselves, and the American dream.

Today’s leadership in Washington D.C., the people in the White House in particular, but Congress too, leaves a lot to be desired. There are policies that are more spiteful than helpful, more retaliatory than conciliatorily, more divisive than cohesive.

Today, the talk is to render the freedom of press disabled, useless and untrustworthy. No longer do we live in peace, there are pipe bombers, murders of faithful, mass shooters of children and proponents of mayhem with guns and bombs. The phantom belief of the Second Amendment, the idea of a new Nationalism becoming the norm, attempting to obstruct justice are all by-products of the new wave of hate, ignorance, and disregard of our fellow Americans.

And our children, where are we leading them, what are we teaching them, and sadly, why are we abusing them? Our clergy has deceived us; we have no regard for their safety and need teenagers to point out the insanity of it all.

The problems lay on our shoulders; we have elected bad leadership with bad choices, allowed our base attitudes to take over.

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