Wednesday, October 24, 2018


but, probably not.

Sunday afternoon TLW (The Little Woman) and I ventured across the Island to Port Washington and an old hangout called Louie’s. The reason for this trip was to reunite with old comrades from my old workplace from 19 years ago.

Susan Alberto-Diane Bissotti-Lorrain Auffort-TLW-Whatz-his face-Anthony Funari-Mike Carrozzo and Kevin Walsh
It was an afternoon of drinks and jokes, remembrances and re-acquaintances from so long ago. Many of the faces haven’t changed or their voices and remain as they once did so many pleasant years ago.

Interestingly, we discussed many things and the many times adding little bits of info that we fed into the story and made for complete memories, reinforcing what we remembered. Everyone has something that was particular to the story.

The guests arrived one at a time and it is at a piazza or mall s one instrument after another slowly gathers and joins the chorus to complete the music.

Susan and Chris Nellen
There was Kevin Walsh famous author of ‘FORGOTTEN NY’ who took us all outside to view the lampposts or lack of and pointed out all the forgotten memories we have of Port Washington. There was Susan Alberto who made us drop and give her 20, demonstrating that black is the new black and of course there was Chris Nellen (aka The Mushroom Man) with his presence as things mushroomed to even greater heights. One of my favorite people who worked in traffic and was responsible for the reunion when she suggested we have one was Lorrain Auffort, the lady with her constant smile, and pleasant memories.

No such reunion could be complete without the famous PRIZE PATROL complete with jacket patch from Anthony Funari (nice touch Anthony) and everybody’s favorite: Michael Carrozzo, the new Sam Schwartz who enlivened the event with his quick pace and detail to storylines he remembers.

Ron Travisani & TLW
The afternoon went to the lovely Dianne Bissotti who organized the get-together and her handsome husband Ron, who although never worked with us was so much part of things that it was the success it was. Then there was the lovely TLW sat among old friends who she didn’t know and like Ron was very much involved like she always is when I go to reunions.

It was a success with a handful of people and another is planned for December.

We are all winners from the experience.

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