Saturday, October 04, 2014


It was Sunday afternoon, and I was watching both the Mets and Jets through the miracle of picture in picture, when suddenly there on the screen was a commercial for the Wanna-Be Bank & Truss Company.

Being how TLW (The Little Woman) was part of the Wanna-Be Bank & Truss Company, I asked her if she knew the people on the commercial. She replied that yes she did know two of the three people in the commercial and that I should know one of them. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the sexy looking gals but the guy, just my luck.

I inquired why she wasn’t in the commercial and she responded in her matter of fact way that you had to volunteer. Why didn’t you volunteer I asked, rather perplexed and her answer was what I knew it would be: “I don’t talk to large groups of people!” Excuse me.

Happily as a pig in … well I switched between the Jets and Mets, watching the Jets lose and the Mets win, when sure enough, another commercial from the Wanna-Be Bank & Truss Company! TLW was in the kitchen preparing Sunday dinner when I enquired as why or how she could possibly be made known since she spurns TV.

“Oh! And you have been on TV?” she asked.

Me: “Ah, how soon you forget! Need I remind you of my appearance on 20/20? They interviewed me in my office and mentioned my name. And what about the June Lundon show, or the show: “How they do that?” Need I go on?

“No, one big head in the family is enough.

Success is such a burden.

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