Sunday, January 07, 2018


It was 8:30 AM on January 4th in the middle of the biggest snowstorm in a while.  Having been given orders not to get involved with shoveling snow, I reached for my phone book and called the guy I used last year for snow removal.

I dialed and no one answered, however I was offered an opportunity to leave a message and so I did, confident that my driveway would be cleared sometime after the storm.

TLW (The Little Woman) was home since the Wanna-Be-Bank and Truss Company was closed due to the storm. All day long she wondered as I did if the message was conveyed to come and plow my driveway.

“Should you call and make sure he is coming?”

“Nah, he is probably busy with plowing to call back. He’ll come.”

It is suddenly 5:30 PM, I call once again and get the answering machine again. I hang up.

Now I’m worried that he isn’t coming, and now I have to go out there to shovel. I will give him until 9:00 PM, then go out and start to shoveling so TLW can get out in the morning.

“Leave the front door open so we can see when he arrives!” said TLW. I do and around 8:50 PM I look out the front door through the storm door these headlights appear and this person is walking up to the door.

Me: “It’s HIM!”

No, it’s not. It is an angel looking to make money.

I greet who I think is the shovel-man but he has a Hispanic accent which comes with few words of discernable English. Sweeping his hand across his body indicating the snow that is drifted high and wide, he asks me if I’m interested in his shoveling my driveway. I say yes and he asks me how much I will pay him. I ask him how much he wants. We discuss with me mostly doing the talking, I check with TLW and we hire him and his buddy.

This guy shoveled what usually takes my usual guy over 40 minutes just 15! I told him to make sure the next time it snows to look me up.


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