Thursday, January 04, 2018


This past year and particularly this past Christmas day has been an eye-opener for me. After the gift wrapping and unwrapping, the dinners, announcement that I will be a grandfather again, and eggnog, the reality of going back to normal comes to fruition. What was, is no longer and what is no longer you wait for in a year’s time.

But in the meantime, going back to the same old routine has its pluses. I’m going back to the reality that I have a pretty good life. I found someone 47-years ago who still loves me. I live in peace and the tranquility of a good woman who has always been there when I really needed her. That is a plus! She raised great children, good people who do good things.

One of the kids does great things for people with disabilities and another helps make millions laugh. I have a granddaughter who is so beautiful and smart, yet makes me laugh. I met new people and renewed old acquaintances, reached out and am doing all I can for people with disabilities. How good is this?

Take some time and take inventory of your good fortune, I’m sure there is some, and have a great New Year!


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