Tuesday, February 06, 2018


It was the best in a long time. Last year when the Patriots came from behind, it was an exciting game as it went on. It didn’t reach the stage of riveting until the second half began and New England made that spectacular comeback.

This year it was a great game, close and New England proved how great they are, even in defeat. Tom Brady is an amazingly talented man, poised under pressure, sure of himself and his team never feels they are out of it.

Nick Foles is the rebirth of Tom Brady, at least for Sunday’s Super Bowl. Did he play over his head or is he just that good? He managed with his teammates 41 points, slinging the ball just as self-assuredly as the master Tom Brady. If you rooted one way or the other, you really didn’t appreciate what a great game it was, the teams were pretty evenly matched and kudos to all of them. When the final second ticked off, I wondered if there really was a loser.

A SUPER Super Bowl!

With all the controversy with concussions, kneeling and the usual crime these meatheads get involved in off the playing field, they did a great job for the NFL for a change.


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