Sunday, February 11, 2018


It's all the rage!

Road rage… leads to violence.

What's going on here?
The ‘Me-2' movement is now reaching a righteous logic, for the decency, we need to show to women. It seems that things have gone so far off track that it is depressing me. I think of all the women in the past who were domestically abused in their lives and I wonder how many more cases there are that haven't been reported?

Years ago, when immigrants from Europe settled in America, there were families that felt the wrath of abusive husbands and fathers and sometimes even wives. It seemed to be an acceptable way of living that was tolerated because ‘he' was the breadwinner.

In its many forms including economic, emotional, physical, religious, and sexual abuse, can result in disfigurement or death. Unfortunately, it is a global phenomenon that fixates on most women. It is mankind's tragedy. Let's face it, it is a fault of men's that sometimes is learned and emulated in later years by young men with their wives.

Thank God for the ‘Me 2' movement, we start by respecting women, then move forward from there. Any man who has this tendency needs to be re-educated to what is acceptable normal behavior towards women.

Not only women need to be protected these days, but old people, and children as well. The days of uncivility should have gone away years ago, with the ending of the stone age.

If you take a look at it a little closer, it isn't always evil that drives these matters, like I said the acceptance of such behavior is sometimes learned. I remember many instances where my parents would discuss someone who was a wife-beater, or an abused wife who had to watch her step for fear of beatings from her husband or significant other, be it heterosexual or homosexual relationships.

The problem in my eyes is that women are growing in so many beneficial ways for mankind, and may have been ahead of men in the emotional sense from the dawn of man. Men who think with the idea of muscle controls fear the loss of their power to control so they use their muscle.  Women are finally grabbing some of the power and protecting themselves through the courts and social media.

Having come from a home of four sisters and my mother's guiding hand, it is abhorrent to think they would ever be abused, nor would the idea of hitting my wife or children is equally unacceptable. Likewise, I expect my sons to follow that line of emotion thinking, my daughter-in-law and granddaughter are precious to me, and although I understand neither son is like that, and it gives me comfort, they must always keep in mind that respect for women is most important.

Often, I wonder just how wonderfully calming the World at large would be right now if it was run by women. Am I a feminist? I don't think so, just a realist. Maybe we could all take a hard look at the realities as they exist, with the numerous wars and corruption that have occurred in a man's world.


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