Friday, February 16, 2018


It is amazing how quickly time flies! Things I thought happened just a few years ago, when I look back I realize happened over ten years ago! How does that happen?

There are little incidents that stick out in my mind and when I recall them to my wife, Ellen, she reminds me that they happened years ago. That makes me realize I better not look at any photos from the past and then into the mirror, I will be shocked.

My high school reunion was almost 9 years ago, yet it seems like just last year. Am I living life too fast? Am I cruising the years in a souped-up state of mind?

Recently on Facebook, I was looking at celebrities from the past, photos comparing them as I remember them and how they look today. Hard to believe that they changed so much, and just how much did I change in this period of time?

As I write this, I have just finished reading old blogs of mine that date back to '07, and it is stunning that what is mentioned seems like yesterday. The blog has helped me to chronicle events that occurred in a systematic recording on a timeline that doesn't lie, you can't argue with and reminds you that you are getting old.

I visited a friend of the family this morning, to wish her farewell as she has moved to a new position that will take her out of sight and mind once she leaves tomorrow. She was reminiscing about when she came to her job and how long ago it was, with the look of incredulity that froze her face as she looked at the imaginary timeline.

Let's stop and smell the roses.


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