Monday, February 26, 2018


It comes in a cookbook. It is the recipe for a new reality, one that annoys me to no end.

I decided to take charge of my fate, finally. I'm looking at diabetic meals and planning them. I think I can do this, but I need to dedicate myself to it. I like to cook and therefore I should be able to challenge myself to do better in the health department.

Looking at some of the recipes in the books I have, I realize that I cook close to what they are showing me. I need to exercise some better judgment in terms of ingredients but once that is mastered I should do OK.

Actually, some recipes I have developed myself have been even better than what I'm now being shown, good fish and chicken recipes that are favorites of mine actually can fall within the realm of diabetic, and that makes life simpler. Sushi is a favorite and all the variations that the Japanese present, just make me happy.

There are a few things that work in my favor. I love vegetables, either cooked or raw, there are many Italian recipes that call for vegetables cooked in almost a natural state. Add some onions or spices with lemon or tomato and there you go. Fish is a favorite, give me any kind of fish and I am happy. The thing about fish is that you can flavor it and it takes on the flavor because it absorbs liquids so well.

As my mom got older, I noticed she didn't eat a whole lot of meat in her later years. I am starting to get that way myself. Stakes or chops are not that important to me. The only eggs I'll eat are either scrambled or omelets, no round yolks, please.

So, I am issuing myself a challenge, to make delicious, wholesome diabetic fighting recipes that please me, and create a compilation that will last my lifetime.


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