Thursday, July 12, 2018


Right before my daughter-in-law’s funeral, my son Anthony told his little girl, my granddaughter, Darby Shea, that they were going to the movies. I think he needed time to get away from the reality of life and take his little girl with him.

Darby is a beautiful little girl, one who for her age of 4-years old has much compassion. She is highly intelligent and knows how to work the room and sway me that life will be best if I become her willing slave. These past weeks she has manipulated me into giving her anything she wanted, from playing her ogre to lending her my I-pad.

“Grandpa, let’s play you are the nasty monster and I am the sweet little girl you are chasing.”

What this means is I have to chase her with my bad back and make growling sounds as we run about the house while she screams merrily.

To get back to the movies, this was roughly the conversation:

#1 Son: “Come on Darby, let’s go to the movies!”

Darby: “Mommies coming!”

#1 Son: “No Darby, Mommy isn’t coming. Why do you say that?”

Darby: Pressing her little hand against her heart, “Because I will carry her in my heart and wherever I go she will go!”

Ten in the car as my wife and son drove her to school she shouted out”

“I have a great idea! Let’s get a tiny, tiny picture of Mommy so she will be with me everywhere I go.”

I’ve decided to get her something that will fulfill that idea, a little locket with her mother’s picture in it.


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