Tuesday, July 31, 2018


I was watching the usual talking heads at the various channels about the current state of affairs in our political world and noticed something that seems to have crept up on me.  The voices and faces of the news-makers are changing, they are getting younger and more business-like in their reporting and observations. Whether you support the left or right, a new generation has appeared!

My wife agrees with me
Watching this morning there was Natasha Bertrand, the reporter for the Atlantic giving her report and views on the conditions of and fortunes of the current state in Washington D.C. Natasha should not be crossing the street by herself, and I worried that her mother has sent her out like that all alone!

She was dressed smartly, is very cute and even said stuff that I could understand and agree with, but good God almighty, should she be allowed to do this unsupervised.

I see male reporters as well, sharply cut hair, dressed to the nines and spewing out the kind of opinions that should be left to the old men to voice: not these pubescent young harmonium-charged preschoolers of Harvard and Yale.

But then whom am I kidding? I know that I am covertly a relic, and I am proud that I’m the only one who knows it. Everyone else mistakes me for a middle-aged up and coming man of the future.

The World is a changing, for the better, I guess, as the younger generation seems more peaceful, considerate and taking hold of the future like never before. I just wish to caution that the future must lie in the cell phones they are all peering into!

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