Friday, July 27, 2018


It seems like it will never go away or dissipate. The stabbing back pain persists and is relentless making me want to scream.

Back pain can be very debilitating, causing one to be depressed and angry. I think sitting in a bad chair for posture for two weeks and coughing so much has caused me to strain my back so badly that it is very painful.

Going to the doctor he looks perplexed, uncertain as what it is. I wonder myself what it is. I hope it is not something more serious than a strain of muscles.

The doctor prescribe a medication that I can take three times a day as needed, so far it hasn’t helped. The heating pad just burns my skin, no help that I can feel.

So, what happens next? Catching the virus on the plane has really taken a toll on my life, the congestion, the coughing and now the back pain has taken over my life. I’m really hoping that I can recover in time to visit my grandchildren in October!

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