Monday, July 09, 2018


Today is TLW's (The Little Woman’s) birthday!


Recently we rented a car while in California. It was a nice SUV and drove well. We took it all over and it was comfortable. When we rented it, I went with the rental agent over the body of the car and noted together every nick and indentation or scratch we could find.

When I parked, I tried to park away from other cars so as not to get dings or scratches, nothing like saving money on a rental.

Then one afternoon, we went to visit the baby in the hospital. In Burbank, they have parking garages since parking is scarce. I saw my space after driving around the parking garage. A parking space was next to a pole and tight. I pull in and sure enough scratch the side of the side-view mirror.

What to do? The birthday girl has an idea! When we get to Anthony’s after dinner get a black Sharpie and retouch out the scratch. A brilliant Idea! Also practical AND dishonest! What could be better?

I get the Sharpie and go to work, carefully layering one coat after another, actually matching the rest of the mirror’s black field where the scratch stands out. As I do so I keep seeing my mother in front of my eyes, and an uneasy feeling in the back of my mind!

I’m finished it looks perfect as the Sharpie matches the black exactly as does the sheen. All I have to do is get it by the agent and we run like Hell.

At 4:30 in the AM we deliver the car in Burbank and hold our breaths. The agent never comes out until we are leaving and calls out to us. “Oh, Sir!” Uh Oh! We are dead! Instead, he points us to the elevator to get down to the airport. He helped us escape! I didn’t rest until we got on the plane and it took off!


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