Sunday, July 29, 2018


Until 4 and a half years ago, I had to listen to people talk about grandchildren that I didn’t have. My peers would get all excited and mention their grandchildren and I couldn’t understand what the excitement was all about.

I could hold my own about medications, taking pride in the amount I was taking, both day and night, and of course the many doctors I had on my visitation lists.

Then one day the amazing thing happened that changed my life and made me very happy, my first grandchild. How could I dismiss this wonderful phenomenon, this joy to my old age? It was a miracle in the makeup of my every day!

But suddenly, there I am with 2 grandchildren! A granddaughter and a grandson! Bobby Courtney will carry on the name: he is the last link to my grandfather Joseph who came here from Italy so many years ago! In my family, I am the only DelBloggolo with an heir to keep the name going.

If you ever meet the little guy you will see a sweet, laid back individual with beautiful inquisitive eyes, around the handsome face and sweet disposition, that will be me, Bobbt Courtney will be twice as much.


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