Monday, August 23, 2010


As old age has set in, she seems to be a nervous type. She looks at me questioningly, often, her pretty head leans to one side as she ponders what am planning to do to her this time.

Sometimes I motion to her to come to me, and she does, with her head down, like she thinks she did something egregious and forbidding! I think that is good, since it keeps her on her best behavior.

Today I took her to be groomed. She smells like an old man who hasn’t bathed in months, and TLW (The Little Woman) and myself can’t deal with that. My little dog is getting old and time is running out on her, but she has yet to get used to people and foreign places outside her home!

Recently, I took her to the groomers, a place called: Pretty Puppy, it should be called Stinky Dog in her honor! I get her leash, she gets all excited, dragging me to the door, and then, once I open the car door, she starts to pull away. She cries and starts to tremble and shake, and all the reassuring in the world will not calm her. She has to be carried into the car, where she runs to my side to jump out when I open the driver’s side door to get in. I have to pick her up in a sitting position and put her into the passenger seat! The five-minute trip to the groomers is spent stroking her and talking gently, but she shakes and cries, making me feel very bad.

When we arrive at the groomers, she will make me drag her in, where the owner will greet her, and gently get her to come with her into the grooming area.

When I go to collect her at the end of the day, she is pulling me out, dragging me to the car and very peppy. She leaves a small loaf of gratitude on the groomer’s property, and then waters it and we are off. She sits up for the ride home, her tongue hanging out and her eyes alert.

Once home, she doesn’t go near me for the rest of the day!

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