Monday, August 09, 2010


The other day, I started to clean up the kitchen when TLW (The Little Woman) left for work. I usually wash out her coffee pot and empty out the dishwasher from the night before, and clean up the counter top. With the weather being so hot lately, the humidity slowly encroached on me, and I had to stop! By just moving a little bit, I was perspiring profusely. Yes, I was really profusing!

I went out to my little convenience store, and came home with my breakfast, and even that was too much! So Up stairs to my studio I retreat, and start to work. All along the mind is playing games with me. I didn’t dust, I didn’t clean the bathrooms, and I didn’t do ‘nothing!’ What if someone comes today to pay a visit? As Mom would say, hang my head in shame?

Starting a design project, I couldn’t concentrate: the nagging feeling kept creeping into place and making me crazier than usual. (I know it is a stretch) I don’t like to clean the house, let alone vacuum, dust and whatever else there is. Then to make matters worse, I started thinking about my shed door, I need to replace that entirely, my patio door needed to be repaired at the time.

So I thought about it some more, went down to the den, turned on the AC and sat there, eating my lunch in the comfort of the cool air and decided that what I needed was a swim. Screw the dusting, the designing, and especially the shed door!

It is amazing what a nice dip in the pool does for my conscience! I couldn’t get out of the pool to do anything, even if I wanted: it was too comfortable!

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Best picture yet!!! From Princess Pat