Sunday, October 11, 2009


The other morning, there was an article in Newsday from an Associated Press piece called: “Most annoying?! WHAT-ehv-errr!”

I can see the little girls arguing with their parents and being told something they don’t agree with and saying: “WHAT-ehv-errr!” (Usually with a full set of braces.)

It seems a Marist poll was conducted, and 47% of Americans found the phrase annoying. Michael Hill, the writer of the article, went onto say that there are other annoying phrases that Americans find.

Bill Clinton (You have love him whether you agree with him or not, I think used one of the more current ones: “It is what it is” in defense of some indiscretion, and of course that is now being over-used. But, it is what it is, you know? Did I just say that? “You know” is right up there with “Whatever”, and deserves a special place in Americanisms, as the longest running annoyance going. Another oldie is: “Six of one, half a dozen of another” which I believe became popular in the mid to late 70’s. Anyway, at the end of the day… Oops! There I go again, two more that I hate, but we all use those!

I think we need to read a little more. More books, and maybe bring back those things they used to call: “Magazines” you know, those paper like things people used to carry? Because at the end of the day you know, we will lose all our creativity due to our lazy reliance on the computer, being how it is what it is.



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