Wednesday, October 28, 2009


In the process of trying to track down old classmates and have them attend a reunion, things can get a little strange, and very funny. I just got a email from one of my classmates, describing a response she got from a James Hayden who she thought was THE James Hayden from the Bellport High School Class of ’64.

She writes:

“Hi Everyone,

I thought I would share this response from James Hayden, who I found through Linked In.

Don’t you just love his humor?


He wrote:

“Dear Ms. Sperakis,
I regret to inform you that although my name is James Hayden and I was graduated from high school in 1964 I am not the one you seek. My graduation class had their reunion August last and I unfortunately could not attend. I was out of the country, not incarcerated as so many of my class were (or should have been).

I want to wish you all of the best of luck in finding the one you seek. It's funny how those few years are remembered by us for good or bad over so many other years and events. Since I was graduated in 1964 I've been around the world nine times and visited over 140 countries but high school sticks most in my memory, though I try and not dwell on it.

If you get desperate and can not fine James Hayden from the Bellport High School class of 1964 I would certainly entertain the idea of substituting for him as I didn't make my own.

Good luck.
With kind regards,
James Hayden
Dark Harbor, Maine”

This can only happen in real life.


Jim Pantaleno said...

I'd invite him, he sounds like a hoot.

The Whiner said...

Oh my God, I love it. I just love when people have as sense of humor!