Friday, October 23, 2009


That seemed to be the way I had to operate Sunday, as Toots II, (Lois), TLW’s (The Little Woman’s) look-alike partner from the Wanna-Be Bank and Truss Co., hosted a get together. The common ground for this get together was old friends meeting new friends. There was Jo Ellen and Seth, a great couple I met a few years ago through Toots II, Then as new arrivals to this happy group, and a wonderful addition were The Patron Saint of Foxwoods Points (Pat) and her husband Bill. Pat, again was a fellow worker from the Wanna-Be Bank and Truss Co. Meeting for the first time ever, Pat and Bill and Jo Ellen and Seth hit it off like they knew each other for a long time. I think it was the common bound of having to be in the same room with me!

Now all of this was done on red wine! We really didn’t need the wine, as seven people started to laugh and didn’t stop until we left. From about 2:00 pm until around 7:30 pm, the time flew by, as I fielded one joke at my expense after another, and enjoyed every moment of it!

The Hostess, Lois, did a great job of making people feel comfortable and at ease. The food was great and her gracious ability to tolerate me was exemplary! Lois was married to a great guy named Charlie. Charlie left his mark on earth when he unfortunately passed on a few years ago, in the kinds of people he associated with. Lois and Seth and Jo Ellen are prime examples. I feel because of Charlie, a paisano like myself, I met some wonderful people. Jo Ellen has a rich homey sense of humor, with a dignified cast to it, and Seth, a dry humor that lights up in his eyes, especially when he uses it on me.

I cannot be taken seriously when I get together with people, I tend to enjoy the company, and laugh at myself, along with everyone else. Zingers, and wise cracks were the order of the day, and fun is what life should be.

The Patron Saint of Foxwoods Points, was the only Italian besides myself who was present, but like me, likes to laugh at herself, and is so unpretentious, you just start to laugh at yourself even more! Her husband Bill, has a dry sense of humor also. Being the object of Pat’s jokes, he took it and gave it back, my kind of guy! He and I both spent our time sidestepping the barbs from the women, and shooting back.

TLW and I will host the next party to carry this on further.

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