Sunday, October 18, 2009


Or: theirs for that matter?

I’m in the midst of creating a Power Point presentation for a formal ball. The ball will celebrate 60 years of the Suffolk Chapter AHRC, an organization for developmentally disabled people. This is THE major formal event, black tie fund-raiser, and I was asked to do something to commemorate 60 years.

One of the things I wish to do is to include a song that could speak, or sing, the success of the organization. The success lays in the small triumphs that our people, those we serve accomplish. It will point out the successes of the day-care people, the administrators and the volunteers, supported by the mighty staff that lays its gentle hands on those of need. It will laud the growth in terms of bricks and mortar over the years.

But, what can you say, let alone sing? How do you approach the emotions that flow in the parents, the volunteers and staff, who give their hearts and souls everyday? How do I ‘assign’ a bit of music, a flow of poetic words, and a moment that can capture the spirit of this wonderful organization?

How can I tell the world, their world, and the world of the people that got short changed in life, the glory of their days? Is there a song? Are there words that say it all, or any of it? Can I ponder the music libraries of the world and really find a fitting song?

Will the words get in the way?

Can the song capture the glow of achievement of a small child mastering steps for the first time? Will it capture the giddiness of a parent who hears his/her child speak a word, just one word, for the first time? And how will I communicate the large triumphs, the children that learn to overcome their afflictions and take the first steps in free movement. Will it frame the pictured smile and uplifted heart of a staff that worked for that moment?

God help me.


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