Thursday, August 21, 2014


Sitting in Citi Field at the ballgame, there was this young couple with two very young boys, maybe 5 and 7. Dad was intensely watching the ballgame and mom was watching the brood. The Mets were playing the Chicago Cubs and it was an enjoyable evening.

Both boys wore a big red ‘C’ on their blue caps and seemed to be intent on running down the aisle to the back of the Cubs dugout. The younger of the two seemed to have all the plans and the older just went along for the ride. They would run down the aisle, get to the dugout and as the team came off the field, they would beg for a ball from the players. This was going on with adults too, looking like seals clamoring for a fish!

The older boy would stay only until he thought the chances were over of getting a ball, but the little guy hung on, until the area was cleared of seals. His mother kept an eye on him the whole while. Finally he would give up and return to his parents.

Being how cute this kid was, I decided to engage him in a conversation, and maybe I’d learn something.

Sitting directly in front of me I tapped him on the shoulder.

Me: “Sir, oh sir?”

Turning around, he stares at me as his father and mother are watching, amused that someone was calling a 5 year-old sir. Taking off my hat I lean in and say:

Me: “Would you be willing to trade your Cubs hat for my NY Mets hat?”

His eyes lighting up and a big smile across his face he says: “OK!”

I turn to his father and say: You better get this kid back to Chicago before he adopts another family too!”

The father laughs and says: “Oh, he can be bought easily, we’re not even from Chicago, but Baltimore, and I don’t know why they are such Cubs fans!”

Kids, amazing how they think!



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