Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Its motto is: “Live free or die.” It should really be: “It’s winter, wake me up if anything happens!” The reason they don’t use that is it won’t fit on the license plate.

The city of Portsmouth is located right next to Maine, and although located in pretty country, no one really knows it is there! The only thing to do there is eating and sleeping! Yes, it does have an airport, but that is only for departing flights. No one goes there, they get stuck driving through, so they need to be evacuated, thus: an airport!

The internet; is a real issue, since only one person at a time can use the computer, and only one page at a time can come up!

The streets of Portsmouth are usually deserted, except when someone is on his way to the airport. They have a ‘Rush hour’, but no one comes!

I went to the local bar one night looking to watch a sporting event, reruns of the 2004 World Series on TV was all they get. I asked if anyone follows the Sox up here and they said: “yes, he’s out now, looking for them!” The TV itself is an old RCA, and every now and then someone goes up to it to adjust the rabbit ears if you ask politely.

Of course I am being harsh, it is a nice place, just don’t come in the winter, come when it is summer. The people return along with the crocus and the birds.


  • We were in Kennebunkport last summer and enjoyed Maine very much. Hope you have a nice visit with your future daughter-in-law. She looks lovely.

    By Blogger Jim Pantaleno, at 4:29 AM  

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