Monday, March 28, 2011


There we were on our way to Maine, cruising along at 75 mph, across the LIE and the Cross Island, when we crossed the Throgs Neck Bridge when suddenly things took a turn for the worst

As I came to the tollbooth, my worst fear came to reality. The red barrier bar would not go up! TLW (The Little Woman) fiddled with the Easy Pass tag, but the bar stood still. Panic started to set in, the cars were lining up behind us with impatient drivers, and now the police were on the scene!

Standing next to the driver’s side, was a policeman, and who tapped on the window.

“My tag won’t work!”

Taking the tag he scans it and says it is not registering, and to follow him, that we will have to pay cash and waves us through to a spot beyond the toll plaza. Very politely he tells us that we will have to wait where we are, in this yellow box! It looks like I am parked on a penalty box, and all the world knows it!.

I tell TLW that I will visit her when she goes to jail at least twice a year, since it was her fault. I think Christmas and her birthday will be nice. Of course she goes to jail since she was suppose to pay the bill for the tag!

TLW never read the notice from the toll tag people that she had to put more money in! The reason was because at Christmas, we canceled a credit card that we paid the bill on because we thought it was compromised, turns out it wasn’t, and forgot about the tag was being renewed by the same card! We got a ticket and had to cash pay all the way up to our hotel!

Funny how you take some things for granted and then miss it very much when it is gone! I wonder if I'll miss her while she does her time?


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