Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Dad left me many things from his treasure of personal habits. One of my favorites is his ability to nap, or as he put it: "Resting my eyes."

Over the years such things as a good steak on a Saturday night, or a good salad anytime, drinking ice-cream floats the way he made them, with ice-cream, cream soda, and cantaloupe melons cut up into small pieces making for a Sunday night summer treat. He made these things the best. He also made great sandwiches on a Sunday night with just ham and Swiss cheese, lettuce with tomato, olive oil and wine vinegar and mayonnaise all between two slices of bread finished up a weekend in grand style.

But the best was his ability to nap.

There are two types of naps I specialize in. One is the lazy Sunday morning nap, taken about 11:00 AM in my recliner. As I lean back, I can hear the distant sound of an owl or maybe the overhead droning of a small engine plane that lulls me to sleep. These sounds can be almost hypnotic and induce sleep. Once the nap is fulfilled and the dreams dreamt, the day becomes more promising, as I smell the afternoon main meal being cooked by TLW (The Little Woman).

The next nap that I specialize in is what I call: The Black and White. This nap like the Sunday one can be used on any day of the week but it must have these key components. The day must be dark and overcast, rainy and a black and white movie going, preferably one made in the 1930's or 40's. With no lights on in the house, and TLW out maybe shopping or working and no one else but me home, the nap comes on rather quickly, like a blanket that settles over my conscious being. Little echoes of silence seem to gather in my head and I drift off.

You heard it on the radio, watched it on TV, read it in the newspapers and it even appeared on Yahoo: taking a short nap is good for your health!

It seems that taking a half hour nap in the late morning or early afternoon helps the heart if you are a man. Of course, the people who made this discovery tested both men and women, the men tested conclusively, while the women kept getting up looking for chores for the sleeping husbands to do out of habit, so the study was unable to get results for the women.

Being older you can live without sex, but not your afternoon nap, or glasses.
You need your glasses so it looks like you are doing something important between naps.

It was just another Sunday until this young couple arrived and sat in front of TLW (The Little Woman) and me. With them was a cute little 18-month old girl, who was on the cusp of life's many discoveries.

I was angry with myself for forgetting to leave on my sunglasses. It wouldn't look good if I put my sunglasses on during the sermon, and caught a few winks. I have learned to perfect the art of sitting up while I nap, and this sermon had nap written all over it.

The little girl in front of me stood on the pew and faced back toward TLW and me. Being a crotchety old man, you know I don't like kids in church when I'm trying to either connect with Jesus or nap. But I have to admit: I got a big kick out of this one. She had such a round face and great smile. She looked at me without showing any emotion, just blankly staring at me. I decided to engage this child with my child-like behavior.

I stuck my tongue out and moved it along my lips left to right a few times. Suddenly the sun came out, all the lights went on and the biggest smile flashed on her beautiful face! She sticks her tongue out, and does the same actions, smiling as I do it back. The mother is a bit of a panic and confused, trying to figure out who or what is making her behave so. The little girl is staring at me and now she is laughing out loud!

TLW shoots me a look and grins too. The little girl is now saying "Hi" to everyone who will look her way. She has a little Minnie Mouse doll and telling TLW it is: "Mimmie", and TLW smiles back at her.

Her father lifts her up from the pew as we all stand while the Priest is leaving the pulpit and launches "Mimmie" into the center aisle! I silently congratulate her, as poor dad has to jump out in the middle of the service to retrieve it. I'm really starting to like this kid.

I guess God meant for me to forget to leave on my sunglasses!


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