Sunday, October 29, 2017


There is one thing I hate and that is driving through the Bronx. The congestion, of cars and trucks, the noise and pollution make for an unhealthy time. It creates stress and anger, there is a myriad of signs pointing one in all different directions and the sidewalls of overpasses and street grades go on forever. To top off the fun, you can drive under the el, with its steel columns and the rumbling sounds of the train to accompany you.

I had a plan as for how I would get to Saratoga Springs, Take the LIE to the Cross-Island Parkway to the Whitestone Bridge, then onto the Hutchinson River Parkway. That would lead me to my route to the Thruway to Albany.

Crossing the Whitestone as I left the toll, there are a number of turns you can make, but I usually stay to my left and I'm good to go. This time I was a little too far to my right and instead of the furthest left side that I wanted. One wrong turn can lead to disaster! Deep into the bowels of the Bronx I fell, that endless pit of despair and congestion, the grim calling you by name, a holocaust of traffic, and an endless attempt to find my way back on course.

It added about 45 minutes, minutes filled with cursing and anger and self-blame for my mistake. I think I'd rather get lost in my driveway, at least at the end of the day, TLW (The Little Woman) can come and rescue me.

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