Saturday, October 07, 2017


Recently I went to my Handy Pantry which is situated right near-by my home to purchase some vegetables for dinner. It is indeed handy since it will take a breakfast order on the computer and with your credit card number to pay for it, have it ready in about 15 or 20 minutes. I usually order two sandwiches for TLW (the Little Woman) and myself on Saturday mornings.

The store has been around a long time and seems to grow every day. The amount of business is phenomenal and because of it, they hire a lot of young college and high school kids to work. They do everything, slice the salami, cut the cheese, make the coffee and ring you up, sometimes calling me honey, and that's the guys!

So, I went out for a head of garlic, a red pepper, a zucchini, cherry tomatoes and a box of whole mushrooms. I stand there like a chootche, while the young lady who is new is ringing me up. She looks confused, she hits the computer and looks some more, then taps the screen again, her brow furrows more so than a moment ago as it gets worse. She calls for help, a young man responds with a half-smile and no better idea than she has. Up, up, and up! Ding-a-ling-a-ling: $13.56!


I take the bag but don't get a receipt, so I ask for one, I'm really interested. As I leave the store I look and the head of garlic is listed as $6.51! Garlic is now more expensive than Gas!


Back in I go, to question the crisis of garlic futures going through the roof.

"Why is garlic so expensive?"

She looks at me, then the receipt, the price of the garlic in the bushel where it is stored. She places her hand over her heart like she's having a heart attack like I was having from SIX DOLLARS AND FIFTY-ONE CENTS!!! FOR ONE HEAD OF GARLIC!!!

She calls over her future stockbroker, they confer and he starts an in-depth investigation.

"You ring him up?"

"Yes!" Her heart attack continues.

Wall Street checks the price, the computer, the garlic and the receipt, makes magic on the computer and hands me $5 and change. No, I'm sorry!

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