Sunday, October 01, 2017


Just the way things are, the fact that there are so many people out there with warm hearts and helping hands, who reach out to their fellow man in time of need, yet can seem to forget their own when it comes to making impressions.

The after mat and the terrible consequences of the hurricane that touched down on Puerto Rico recently, the Governor of NYS, Governor Andrew Cuomo sent help down to the Island in the form of supplies from New York State. Although I do not resent this act of kindness and good will, I find it hypocritical in that he refuses to give help to those that reside in his state.

Who are these people he is not helping you ask? People with disabilities, old people, people who live on the amazing grace of Medicare and Medicaid, help that pays for the medications and hospitalizations that they so desperately need!

And why? Because he is running for President and needs to demonstrate what a great president he will make by cutting Medicaid on the most vulnerable population and by showing how presidential he is.

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