Thursday, October 19, 2017


Or am I ready to freeze off my behind?

I woke up the other day and went to my local convenience store for some milk. Looking at the temperature in the dashboard, it reads 43º F! The first day under 50 since the early Spring!

This is a wonderful thing, I hate the heat and humidity. It’s difficult to get cool but a lot easier to get warm, and the pervasive humidity stays with you all day long!

Suddenly there is a spring to my step, and ‘joie de la vie’ in my attitude! The coolness invigorates me, makes me do more than I would in the hot days of summer. My mind becomes more creative, it has more focus, I am happy.

Give me a cool day and I will draw, read, and cook all at once. No nap is needed since I am worked up to a crescendo of explosive accomplishments!

I have my own problems!
It is also the time of the year when TLW’s (The Little Woman) nose turns red from the cold. It works to our benefit when we close off the lights and head upstairs, the red glow guiding us safely to the bedroom. It is easy to find a blanket: she’s wearing them all, and a cup of tea is more suitable to my lifestyle and hers.

Now if we can only get through the winter without snow, life will be perfect!

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