Sunday, October 15, 2017


Since my old tuxedo place is no longer after all these years, I decided to go to the Mall. When #1 Son got married, I ordered my tuxedo from a place in the mall who could ship it to Maine along with tuxedos for local others in his wedding party, because it was a franchise.

TLW (The Little Woman) knowing I need direction, tells me that there is a place closer to me, but I feel I rather work with someone I already know.

The next day I go off to a meeting for over 2 and a half hours at the agency, then I'm called into another and then scoot off to the mall. I park far from the entrance and walk a distance to the mall looking for the tuxedo store. No need to get dings in my door so I walk.

Since the meetings lasted longer than I anticipated, I have lunch in the food court and begin my quest afterward.

I got down one aisle of stores and look for a directory, I don't see the store anywhere in the directory, so decide I don't remember the name of the place so, I start to walk where I think it might be, I look and look and discover after asking a young lady at a kiosk if there is a place to rent a formal. No, she says and so I go home, once again the kiss of death.

Is no one getting married anymore? Are there no balls to attend? Is putting on the Ritz over?

Sadly, I now have to go to where TLW told me to go, to begin with.

So I went way out of my way for a hamburger and small fries.

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