Thursday, January 03, 2008


And all was well within. The New Year’s Day get-together with My Man Bill and His Lovely Wife Carole was big hit. First of all: they know how to throw a party. Innovative and fun, lively and good tasting, best describes the days events.

The company was great, although I did miss my good neighbor Rich and Alison, who unfortunately were involved with the unhappy task of burying a loved one, and I know the whole neighborhood sends their heart-felt condolences to; Rich, his Mom and his beautiful family on the death of Rich’s Dad.

On the lighter side, I did see all my other neighbors, and they looked great! The funny thing is that they all looked tired and for some reason a little subdued. I guess the fact that New Year’s Eve the night before had something to do with it.

This year’s resolution is to gain as much weight as possible, maybe take up smoking, and definitely do more drinking. Along with those resolutions, I will do less around the house, and try, try, try to sleep more. It seems if I do all those things, I’m happier.

Well, at least my resolutions are easier to keep, and if I break one, I’m ahead of the game!

Resolve to have a happier New Year. Write to:, tell him,: “Why didn’t you accompany the ball when it went down in Times Square, without a parashute?

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