Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Congratulations! You made it through another year.

If you remember last year at this time, I talked about movies I saw the night before and fighting to stay awake to greet the New Year. Today we will go over to meet with the Hood, say “Hello” to the neigbs, and pray I can get up the next morning. My man Bill and his lovely wife Carole will be hosting a New Year’s Party for the hood, and I look forward to it.

Friday, #1 Son leaves for home and sunny California, and Saturday I leave with TLW (The Little Woman) and #2 Son for Arizona for a week. We’ll see Phoenix and Sedona and maybe hookup with Carole Sapienza, my old PCH buddy.

This starts the third year I am writing this blog, and I don’t believe it went so fast! Actually, March is the two-year anniversary of DelBloggolo, and I have had a lot of fun writing it. Sometimes it is hard to write, and some days it will write itself. Like Jerry Seinfeld’s show, it is about nothing. You go to work, that is a blog. You fall asleep, that is a blog.

A few good people passed on in 2007, and people were born to take their place. I was privileged to meet the Fab Five for the first time while in California. MFF (Laura), Justin, Jared, Pete the Teacher and Minnesota Pete, all great people, and I hope to see them again this year.

Then I look forward to at least communicating with my old friends: Ed Smith, Jack Stern, and Tom Owens, not to mention Ronnie Freedman (The Weight Watcher maven), Bill Wortman my old lunch buddy and IRS man, and my good buddies from PCH who I still treasure as friends.

Well have a great New Year, and stay healthy.

What! Another year of DelBloggolo? Send you indignation to direct to the source, joedelbroccolo@yahoo.com, tell him: “Hey, isn’t two years enough already, do you have to torture me some more?

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