Friday, January 04, 2008


I was watching the New Year’s Eve celebrations on TV the other night and found it all very amusing. It seems the miracle of Botox was at it again. Way back in the 50’s and 60’s, I remember watching American Bandstand and the ageless Dick Clark. Well, guess what? He aged. Why would you put a man on TV who obviously had a stroke, can’t speak or even move his mouth well? Where is his dignity? I know, it is tradition, what happens when he dies? Do we roll out the casket? “Live from Times Square, it’s Dick Clark! Oops! Dead from Times Square it was Dick Clark!” It certainly would make for compelling TV.

Of course we have the other corpse, Ryan Seacrest, telling Dick Clark what an honor it is to be co-hosting the New Year with him. No, no, Ryan, it’s MY HONOR. Yes indeed, let’s all watch Dick Clark try to get some pity miles out of all of us for the next year coming up. Maybe we could invite Milton Berle to do a comedy sketch, he’s only been dead a few years.

I must say that Dick Clark does look better than last year. They concentrated all the Botox to the right cheek, and he is filling out nicely. You would never notice the decay! They said he never changes, AND, he never rots, thanks to Botox.

Am I being mean? Yes. Why? Because I am mean when the host distracts from the show. I like Dick Clark, I remember him for his clean-cut appearance, good humor, his giving a lot of great entertainers a start. That is who I wish to remember, not some guy who suffers a stroke and won’t give it up.

I will be in beautiful Arizona starting Saturday and will return the following Saturday, so you will not see a blog again until January 14th. I hope to have a great time, to miss doing my blog, and not seeing Dick Clark.

Tired of all this meanness? Wish to get some steam out? Write to:, tell him: “Hey, why don’t you find the Grand Canyon and jump in?”

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Steve Philp said...

Gotta agree completely about the Dick Clark thing. It was painful to watch.