Thursday, January 31, 2008


This May 10th, the clan celebrates Nana’s 90th birthday! It will be an affair for the ages, or should I say the aged?

Yesterday I went to an Italian restaurant to make arrangements. I met one of the Don’s who runs the joint, and he was very accommodating but busy.

As I walked into the restaurant, I was directed to the Don and met this man that was well manicured and groomed to perfection. His knuckles looked a little raw as he stretched out his hand to shake mine. In his other hand he was putting away a set of brass knuckles and motioned us to sit down. As I studied his face, I couldn’t help but notice the finely trimmed goatee that adorned his serious face. He moved like a cat, and said very little.

All around him one heard phones ringing off the hook, waiters, cooks and bar maids all approaching him for either permission or advice on some matter. With quick one or two word answers, an annoyed look, or a wave of the hand he directed and ordered those about.

The Don runs two of the family businesses. One is the restaurant, and the other is: if you fail to pay that bill, you step into his funeral parlor, where other arrangements will be made. He does have a special arrangement in that if you have flowers at the restaurant, default on the bill, he will carry both you and the flowers into the funeral parlor.


Need a rest from all this racist jive? Hire the Don to “take care of it.” Or, write to: Tell him, I got a guy you can’t refuse.

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