Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Princess Pat, Toot II and TLW
Or ‘trouble always comes in threes’ as they say.

The other day I decided I wanted an old-fashioned donut. I didn’t want the same thing for breakfast I usually have, and decided, heart, lungs or whatever: I’m having a donut this morning. Sometimes it could be a crumb bun, sometimes a roll, anything that is bad fir me, I want.

So I pop into the old DelBloggolomobile and head off to a certain donut company called Dunkin’ and pull into the parking lot. I see through the front window someone walking out of the store towards me to her car. It is Princess Pat of Foxwoods Points, one of the members of the Three Ms.Keteers carrying a large coffee. I get out and think: “I’m only going in there for coffee.” The other two members are TLW (The Little Woman) and Toots II.
Where they do the Devil's work

We greet each other and exchange pleasantries.

“Usually my husband Bill sees TLW in a store!”

“See you got a nice big coffee! (That’s my excuse for being there) That’s why I’m here.” (A big lie, but you can’t look bad seemingly buying a coffee and not a donut.)

“They have me working in the Hauppague branch this week!”

“Oh, all the trouble makers are sent elsewhere I guess!”

THAT is a REAL sponge cake!
“I wouldn’t say that.”

TLW comes home and tells me she got an email from Pat, knowing I had met her in the parking lot.

“She said: I hope he WAS buying coffee and not a donut!”

That is the problem, the Three Ms.Keteers all look alike and when it comes to me, think alike!

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Jim Pantaleno said...

After all these years, I'm thinking one donut won't matter much. Enjoy, big guy.