Monday, February 16, 2009


I spent Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend. It was a sweet, pleasant day, which counts in my staying alive.

Being married for 38 years, you don’t need to do a lot, just enjoy each other’s company. That is just what we did. First, we called the washing machine repairman to come fix our machine, then found out it wasn’t worth the $270 costs! But, like a trooper, TLW (The Little Woman) went around and sniffed at the other appliances, because when one goes, they all seem to want to go too!

“I remember the last time the washing machine went, the dishwasher acted up!” She so stated.

But, we jerked up our belt buckles and stood our ground. We would go out for an early dinner, or late lunch to celebrate Valentines. I made her a card, wrote a poem, and bought a canoli cake, and a piece of bling for her neck. (Bling is jewelry. We home boys use bling a lot!) She got me a present, too.

When we returned home, I put on the Turner Classic Movie channel and we enjoyed the two movies we watch. Oddly, the subject was divorce. One movie was with Cary Grant made in 1935, and Divorce American Style, starring Debbie Reynolds and Dick Van Dyke.

The funny thing was, we were like two ocean liners, tied up next to each other on the pier, with no need to go anywhere. We were happy to be together.

Please remember DD, and all those that need our prayers

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Anonymous said...

Ain't Love Grand ;o)

Happy Valentines to you and TLW!

Jan Spalding/PCH