Sunday, February 15, 2009


The other day I mentioned to TLW (The Little Woman), that I wanted to leave an empty pill bottle next to my weekly pill case. You’ve seen them, a Sunday through Saturday set of little compartments to hold one’s daily intake of drugs.

My reason for wanting the pill bottle is that on Saturday, as a habit, I put together the week’s pills and into the compartments they go. Every once in a while, I do it on Friday, making me feel better about getting the things together. But the Saturday compartment is occupied, so where do I put the next week Saturday pills? Into the pill bottle, of course!

The bottle I had chosen was a larger than necessary white bottle that holds a 90 day supply. It is big, but much too big for the one-day supply of pills. The pill compartment and the pill bottle live on the windowsill, near the coffee pot. First thing in the morning, I take my pills after pouring a cup of coffee.

A few days ago, I come downstairs after my shower and notice my pill bottle is missing! Yes, in the middle of the night, someone stole my empty pill bottle! I immediately become irritated. I think: “What did she do with my pill bottle?”

There she sits, on her recliner, her eyes fixed upward at me in I guess adoration.

“Why did you throw out my pill bottle? You know, I wanted that for me to set up my pills for the week.” Sounds accusatory, doesn’t it! I’m a cranky mean old man! TLW looks like an angel and says; “There is a smaller pill bottle there in its place. This is with a smile. Me, I felt smaller than the small pill bottle.

Just an old cranky $% #@ & #^%@&.

Please remember DD, and all those that need our prayers.

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