Monday, September 20, 2010


It seems like just last year we celebrated the arrival of Al Schneider, now we greet Ryan Dzicek! Ryan joined the firm of DelBroccolo and Tria, the Dzicek branch, on July 27th, 2010! His Dad is my handsome nephew Marc, and his lovely mom is Nicole.

Now I recall when Marc was a toddler, that being last year, and now here we are with Marc’s son, a year later! Where does the time go? It goes to the younger generation, that’s where. From what I’m hearing, little Ryan is half Sicilian, half Polish-Italian, and 100 % handsome. Now Italians don’t count Sicilians as Italians, or Sicily as part of Italy. They treat Sicily as the US treats Puerto Rico, a small island off the coast. This does not preclude Sicilians as it does not preclude Puerto Ricans from paying taxes to the mainland.

In actuality, the Italian-Sicilian thing has been going on for years. We kid each other, but if you went to Sicily or Italy, it is the same thing: warm friendly people who feed you! Both places have unimagined beauty and coasts, with countless ruins and treasures, and you find all that in their basements!

But getting back to Ryan Mathew, once again I wish my Dad could be here to witness it, he would be so proud of Marc, Fran and Tom his grandparents, and his own Mom for coming her so many years ago and starting the whole thing up, as a fifteen year old immigrant!

Welcome Ryan, please join Al in the future as we wait for more of you to appear!


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Anonymous said...

Congrats, Marc and Nicole! I look forward to meeting Ryan!

-#1 Son