Friday, September 24, 2010


December 6, 2009 was the last I heard. #1 Son, my third strongest critic, TLW (The Little Woman) is #1 critic and #2 Son keeps his moniker as #2 critic as well. What I refer to is or, Son of DelBloggolo, that pointed critique of DelBloggolo, this blogue, that dissected my opines of wisdom and truth, after every blog.

Suddenly it is silenced! What happened? I miss the cannoli ratings; I was watching what I wrote to keep my weight down, and now, no reviews, no comments, and no cannolis! Maybe the youngster can’t keep up with his old man everyday! Good God! Surely he can keep up with me, he has to, he owes it to the world to keep them abreast of what I write, as he once said: “My Dad has a blog. This forum will be a safe haven to dissect, discuss and analyze each of his blog entries. I will be reviewing each post based on the following merits: Originality, Sentimentality, Nostalgia, and number of Food References.”

I feel I let the whipper - snapper down, like he’s lost interest in my life, no matter how trivial it is. Ah, I know, it is his newfound love, his new interest, and his new passion: TLC (The Lovely Courtney). Well when I was in his shoes, I lost interest in everything too. That plus I didn’t care for his style shoes!

Maybe it was too easy to find faults, or maybe I have become too boring! Maybe I need to add sex to my blogues, you know, just to spice it up a little. I could write about the mating habits of salmon, or bears. Nothing too titillating, but it is something to keep my readership tuned in every day.

So to #1 Son I say: “TAPT (Touch A Palm Tree), and where are those cannolis?”

Author’s note: TAPT is code for “Enjoy California and all you do.”


Anonymous said...

Sorry! I got the impression you didn't like it, so I stopped...also, I ran out of cannolis.

#1 Son

The Whiner said...

I likes the cannoli ratings too! Bring em back!