Friday, September 10, 2010


The day arrived, TLW (The Little Woman) had a procedure scheduled at a local hospital, and we waited for her to be called. It wasn’t a big deal, and we both have had it done.

TLW: “The whole procedure will take two hours, the receptionist said! So you may want to go to the cafeteria for something while you wait.”
“Nah, I’ll wait for you then we can go to breakfast together.”
TLW: “ Well, you don’t have to eat, but you can get a cup of coffee while you wait for me.”
“OK, I’ll see how it goes.”

The nurse calls TLW and I settle in with a Time Magazine, and start reading everything from the world news to Apple’s home base in Cupertino, Ca. When you have two hours to kill, you read as much as you can, about everything there is, whether you care or not!

The first hour flies by, and I look at my watch and think, “I’ll go get that coffee TLW suggested, it sounds good right now. I can almost taste it!”

I put down my magazine and start with the door. It has two long push bars, and neither is working for me, making me feel like an idiot. Let me re-phrase that: a bigger idiot than I usually am. Someone from the inner office yells out: “YOU HAVE TO PUSH THE BUTTON!”

I look around feeling stupid and finally find this 6” square metal button, on the wall next to me. I push it and the doors automatically open for me, like I’m a god!

Looking ahead I see a long, long hallway, but I can smell coffee brewing. It is getting stronger, and the aroma is enticing. “Coffee” is going through my mind. I see Juan Valdez, and even the Exxon Valdez including the donkey Juan came into town with, but I can’t find the cafeteria! Going deep into the hallway, I think, I better turn around before I get lost, and they are calling me to collect TLW! I see a list of rooms and “Rio Café” and think: “Ah ha! I go that way.”

Feeling triumph, I head the way the sign indicates, my tongue dragging for coffee. I even find a Men’s room, which I enter and as I lock the door, I hear someone jiggle the handle. Annoyed, I refuse to answer the door when someone asks: “Are you going to be long?” I wonder how he means that and finish up. I finally enter the coffee shop; find the coffee, my tongue scraping the floor by now. I get a small container, some milk and pay the attendant. I find a nice seat, comfortable by this very large TV screen. The topic on the TODAY SHOW? Why, “Does surgery prevent illness?”

I peel back the plastic lid covering my coffee, one sip, IT TASTE SO GOOD! I hear:
“Joe Del Bloggolo?”

I look up, and the guy I just paid is holding the phone, I get it, she is finished! WHAT??? In an hours time she is finished!

Why not, she does these things to me at home too!

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