Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I’ve been saving this blog for when I thought MFF (My Favorite Fan) would return from her honeymoon. I would think by now she has. By the way, she didn’t go on her honeymoon alone, she took a really handsome gentleman by the name of Justin with her! I’m sorry all you bone heads out there that missed your opportunity to marry a wonderful gal: she is now taken!

Laura was my encouragement to write this blogue, my motivation to continue. I felt that if a smart gal like her could want to read it, then it must be worthwhile. I first met Laura (MFF) way back in 2007, on a visit to Sunny California and #1 Son. She was a gem back then, then I saw her once more in April of this year in California, and she got better with age! SHE was my first fan, and I never forgot that!

I met Justin at the same time, and I was very happy for MFF for picking out such a wonderful individual, someone worthy of her. They are two people who will give marriage a good example of what it should be.

They had their wedding in the Chicago area, in a restored barn, from what #1 Son tells me. When #1 Son said he had a friend who read my blog, who turned out to be MFF, and one of the Fab Five, I became intrigued. #1 Son doesn’t pick his friends carelessly, as every one of them are great people that TLW (The Little Woman) and I love. Some he first met at his jobs, and some from childhood, and some from California. ALL of them are quality people!

But MFF, along with my future daughter-in-law, TLC (The Lovely Courtney) are now my adopted daughters through love alone.


I hope your lives will be filled with happiness, love for each other, and wealth in all forms and shapes. I know you two will be a shinning example of love in marriage!

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